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Monday, 30 July 2012

Some intial thoughts on Katherine

Katherine marries Sir George Throckmorton before 1512 and astonishingly has 19 children, even more astonishing is that ALL 19 survived! What a women. Those 19 children go on to produce 112 grandchildren firmly securing the future of the Throckmorton family.
Katherine has a connection to many important events in history, I won’t detail them here so as not to spoil a visit to Coughton and you making the discoveries for yourself but a few key words would be:
Gunpowder plotters,
Husband imprisoned by Henry V111
Related to Catherine Parr
Her family live through the Reformation
The division of her family.

In her portrait on the stairs I noticed that her lace was detailed with strawberries, as she was a very fruitful women I thought that this was quite poignant and I began to make some studies.


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  1. Katherine was also the uterine half-sister to Sir Thomas Parr so she was the aunt of Queen Katherine Parr. It is said that Parr's advancement saved George and released him from the Tower. Parr would employ several of her cousins during her reign as queen and dowager queen.