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Thank you for taking the time to view how I have been spending my time at Coughton Court. I hope you enjoy my entries and are able to come along and visit the Court to join in with some of the arts activities.
Please feel free to comment and maybe share some of your own stories.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Very excited about the forthcoming exhibition at Coughton

Fostering Legacy, mixed media 26 "x 20"


Dawn Harris
To Love and Protect
24th November – 2nd December 2012

‘To Love and Protect’ explores the identity of the women of the Court through the legacy they left behind. Dawn’s work investigates their identities in relation to others, in relation to a performed role and in relation to the period of history within which they lived.

The face, specifically the eyes are central in these works, the faces are taken directly from their portraits hung within the house and stripped of the adorning paraphernalia chosen by the portrait artist. The faces are then embedded with the experience culminating in a visual representation of the women’s identity within that moment.  The exhibition represents Dawn’s artistic response to some of the stories of the women of Coughton who fought for the freedom and safety of their loved ones, the work is also an empathetic response from an artist who shares an understanding of the desire to want to Love and Protect as is present within us all.


Monday, 1 October 2012

A busy September

Its the first day of October and I 'm not sure where September went. A busy month for me at Coughton aswell as other arts events for me outside of the residency.

Last weekend I was involved in an exhibition  in North Devon called 'Arts for Life' a charity event for a children's hospice that I was very proud to take part in.

During the month of September I have been delighted to introduce other artists to the delights of Coughton Court and the stories of the women and their home. I really enjoyed a warm late summers day with the group, talking, walking, sketching and sharing ideas.

The women of Coughton  are never far from my thoughts and I have completed two new pieces. The first being my final study on the story of Katherine Vaux.

Division, mixed media 21" x  17" 

My most recent piece has been a response to the story of Mary Anne Acton.
Mary Anne was barely 13 years of age when she was married off to her 63 year old uncle. I cannot image what this young child would have thought of this prospect but the fact that she hid under a table says quite alot.

Line of Duty, mixed media 21" x 17"

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Community Artist Anne Bate-Williams

Anne has been creating collage portraits of the women of Coughton Court over the summer during 'Messy Arts'
Here are the results of Anne's, and the visitors, hard work.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Its time to move on....

The last couple of weeks have  been very up and down with the weather and I have been very up and down with my work.
I have been productive though and created 3 new mixed media paintings continuing with the theme  of Katerine Vaux and 'a family divided'.
These paintings consider the same concepts as in my previous work but explored in slightly different way with the use of acrylics.
I am still trying to express the notion of identity and how we identity with ourselves and others. When we revisit events of the past and consider, even judge them by our contemporary morals or standards we are not experiencing the true reality of that event. This being true of whether we are viewing other peoples lives or revisiting memories within our own. Our place within time prevents us from truely being able to walk in someone elses shoes from the past and our reality is unique to us in the present.
A family divided III

A family divided II

A family divided III
This presents a question as to when we revisit our own memories are we reviewing someone else's experiences?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Katie explores Coughton Court

Katie Lee joined me for a weeks work experience at Coughton Court. Katie attends Alcester Grammar School and is going into yr 13 on her return in September. Katie had previously enjoyed volunteering at Coughton on her schools 'Community Day' where a number of students built shelters in the woods.
We had a glorious week of sunshine where Katie continued to develop her art practice exploring the landscape, which includes the landscape of our minds.

My own art practice involves exploring the concept of identity so Katie and I had many interesting discussions on how we perceive our identity and how we may represent it through a visual image.

The beautiful gardens always prove to be irresistable for a bit of sketching.

Very fine ink drawing of the stable yard at Coughton Court by Katie Lee

Looking forward to seeing the results of the weeks work.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Brittany's Project.. The Story of Mary Ann Acton

Brittany is exploring how to depict this women's story but in the context of our modern society.... I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Here are some of my snapshots of the photo shoot at Coughton this morning. A special thanks to Nick Taylor and Daisy Gilbert for your involvement.

Fun in the 'Arts' Shed

My thoughts of the women of Coughton Court have been diverted somewhat lately by the fun I've been having in the Arts Shed.
This weekI have been joined by 2 'A' students from Alcester Grammar School, Brittany Rhodes and Katie Lee who, as well as working on their own mini project at Coughton have been helping out in the Arts Shed.

Here Katie and Brittany are having fun doing some blind contour drawing, it never fails to make you smile.

and now passing on the technique.......Here are some of the fabulous blind contour portraits from today.

And of course the great work on the bunting still continues, a big thank you to all of you that have been making the bunting pieces.