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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Katie explores Coughton Court

Katie Lee joined me for a weeks work experience at Coughton Court. Katie attends Alcester Grammar School and is going into yr 13 on her return in September. Katie had previously enjoyed volunteering at Coughton on her schools 'Community Day' where a number of students built shelters in the woods.
We had a glorious week of sunshine where Katie continued to develop her art practice exploring the landscape, which includes the landscape of our minds.

My own art practice involves exploring the concept of identity so Katie and I had many interesting discussions on how we perceive our identity and how we may represent it through a visual image.

The beautiful gardens always prove to be irresistable for a bit of sketching.

Very fine ink drawing of the stable yard at Coughton Court by Katie Lee

Looking forward to seeing the results of the weeks work.

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