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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Summer arts begins at Coughton

Well the sun did shine for a while for us today but regardless of the weather we had a fabulous day creating some lovely drawings along with all the other arts activities for the whole family to enjoy.

A big thank you to the Perry family who started off our Blind Contour Drawing session which resulted in some terrific portraits. Everyone had a go, there is no such thing as 'I cant draw'. This exercise is really about looking and this young brother and sister ( Jevy and Zara) from Northants really had fun staring into each others eyes!
Jevy, Zara and Dawn

Zara by Jevy
Jevy by Zara
 and I'm very proud of Me by Zara                                                                                                             

And of course once the drawings started there was no stopping the visitors to the 'Arts' shed..... Thank you for a lovely day.

David Age 12 from Droitwich Spa

Anna age 11 from Northfield (spa)                
Patrick age 8 from Northfield (spa)

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