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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Its time to move on....

The last couple of weeks have  been very up and down with the weather and I have been very up and down with my work.
I have been productive though and created 3 new mixed media paintings continuing with the theme  of Katerine Vaux and 'a family divided'.
These paintings consider the same concepts as in my previous work but explored in slightly different way with the use of acrylics.
I am still trying to express the notion of identity and how we identity with ourselves and others. When we revisit events of the past and consider, even judge them by our contemporary morals or standards we are not experiencing the true reality of that event. This being true of whether we are viewing other peoples lives or revisiting memories within our own. Our place within time prevents us from truely being able to walk in someone elses shoes from the past and our reality is unique to us in the present.
A family divided III

A family divided II

A family divided III
This presents a question as to when we revisit our own memories are we reviewing someone else's experiences?

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