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Saturday, 28 July 2012

The residency begins

I am delighted to be working at Coughton court throughout this summer and creating artisict responses on the women of Coughton and their untold stories.
I began the residency after graduating at the beginning of July. My first visit to the Court left me with the sense that this is a family home and as I journeyed around I felt that I was sharing in the family's highs and lows and that I had really begun my introduction to the family.
 I decided to allocate myself a month to research the history of the Throckmorton family and particularly the women of Coughton and the influence that they have had over the 600 year history of this family at Coughton Court. It soon became very obvious that the timescale of a month was ambitious at best, more accurately totally foolish to have considered that I could even scratch the surface of the history and personal stories of the family in such a short time. One interesting story leads to another and onto another and so on.
So to make a beginning I was taken by a portrait of a lady who looks down on you from the staircase,
Katherine Vaux (b. about 1490)
 Parents: Nicholas Vaux and Elizabeth Fitzhugh

 I'm going to get to Know Katherine and I'll get back to you with some ideas I have........

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